More powerful engine broadens the usage of the Volvo FE range

The Volvo FE is now being launched with 350 hp/1400 Nm and a new front axle for axle loads of up to nine tonnes. This makes one of Volvo Trucks’ most versatile models into a strong contender even for more demanding distribution, refuse handling and light construction duties. The Volvo FE 350 is designed for gross combination weights (GCW) of up to 44 tonnes.
“The Volvo FE is a flexible and agile truck that operates as efficiently in regional traffic as it does in congested urban conditions. Now we are broadening its application area further by offering an alternative with higher performance and increased payload, to meet the demands of many customers,” says Anders Edenholm, Segment Manager Distribution at Volvo Trucks.


The Volvo FE 350 is designed for gross combination weights (GCW) of up to 44 tonnes and is suitable both as a single truck and as a rig towing a trailer. Tippers, crane trucks and refuse trucks are just a few examples of three-axle applications where the enhanced power creates the necessary preconditions for higher productivity. The D8K 350 Euro 6 engine is available with every cab option, including low entry cab, and can be combined with Volvo’s I-Shift or fully automatic transmission.


The Volvo FE 350 will be offered on all Euro 6 markets. Sales get under way at the end of June and production will start in September. Additional product news relating to the FE range will be released in stages during autumn 2017.


At the same time as the diesel-powered Volvo FE 350 is being introduced, Volvo Trucks is also expanding the range for customers who prefer gas power. The Volvo FE 320 with CNG power is now available with a free choice of cabs – day cab, comfort cab, sleeper cab or low entry cab.


Facts Volvo FE 350
Engine: Volvo’s 8-litre diesel D8K Euro 6 engine, producing 350 hp/1400 Nm.
Transmission: Volvo’s automated I-Shift gearbox, or fully automatic gearbox.
Power take-off: Up to 600 Nm.
Cab alternatives: Day cab, comfort cab, sleeper cab, low entry cab.
Gross Combination Weight (GCW): Up to 44 tonnes.
Wheel configurations: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4. Also available as a 4×2 tractor.
Front axles: For 7.1-9 tonne axle load.
Rear axles: For 13-23 tonne axle load.


20th June, 2017


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