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Experience the Genuine Difference with our range of Mack, UD and Volvo and Hyundai parts! To determine the difference between good and poor quality has nothing to do with what you see on the outside.

When you choose from our range of genuine parts, you can be sure that the parts interact flawlessly with the other components in the truck. With the industrys best warranty, you also get ultimate protection. Speaking of money, the cost of spare parts is about 6% of a trucks operational cost. The minor saving you might make by not using genuine parts surely increases the risk. Imagine your truck out of service due to the quality of the parts of an unknown brand. This could result in large revenue losses and unnecessary costs of the parts that must be replaced prematurely. So saving a few coins can cost a fortune!

With Genuine Parts, you get the highest possible quality standard, every part supplied from a single place, a logistics system that ensures that the parts quickly get to the workshop, parts quality to the latest standard, unparalleled parts warranty and best of all, your truck in 100% condition! Mack, UD and Volvo Parts promotions are released every 4 months and  are loaded with specials.

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At Truck Centre, we have access to an extensive range of second hand and clearance Mack, Allmakes, UD and Volvo Truck parts.

We understand that on some older model trucks, new parts pricing can’t be justified, and our second hand and clearance parts may be the answer you are looking for.

This is one of the many ways that we can help you minimise operating costs, whilst still keeping with the genuine advantage.

  • New Parts – 12 month unlimited km warranty
  • Second Hand and parts off New and Used Trucks – No warranty available

Offers are valid while stocks last at the particular branch as advertised. Prices shown are inclusive of GST and maybe subject to change without notice. If you require further details on any of the parts on offer, please select the part and e-mail the contact details.  We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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Our Mack, UD and Volvo brands are built to last. We believe that you should never be at a disadvantage when it comes to extending your truck’s life cycle. We understand that when a model is phased out of production, they’re still very much in use. That’s why we’re introducing our classic/vintage/heritage parts for classic/vintage/heritage trucks initiative for Mack, UD and Volvo. We now offer you access to an affordable range of parts for older model trucks, with the same quality guarantee.

PDF Mack Trucks Vintage Parts

PDF UD Trucks Heritage Parts

PDF Volvo Trucks Classic Parts

Our branded web store is the place to show your pride for your chosen brand. Get everything from officially licensed t-shirts, hats, die-cast models and accessories for all ages. Explore the Mack, UD and Volvo merchandise store today!

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