UD Trucks launches new generation flagship Quon range

Aegeo, Japan – April 11, 2017 – UD Trucks launched the new generation Quon range, redefining the heavy-duty Japanese truck.

UD Trucks has forged a reputation for being smart and modern, providing outstanding productivity and uptime for its customers whilst delivering on the brand promise of ‘Going the Extra Mile’. The new generation Quon range embodies this brand promise and redefines the Japanese heavy-duty truck by offering new levels of drivability, safety and fuel efficiency.

The new Quon offers a driveline that delivers a smooth, stress-free and comfortable ride, and is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users. The comfortable interior lets the driver focus on driving, while the striking exterior will be a source of pride for anyone who takes the wheel. The all-new Quon meets the needs of our customers by ‘putting people first’ in every fine detail.

“The new generation Quon marks a new era for UD Trucks and further reinforces our position as a serious contender in the heavy-duty truck market,” said Joachim Rosenberg, Executive Vice President of Volvo Group and Chairman of UD Trucks. “The new generation Quon not only complies with the latest emissions regulations, it also delivers significantly better performance across the board that will enable us to leapfrog into a stronger position within heavy-duty market in Australia and New Zealand.”

Mark Strambi, Acting Vice President of Sales for UD Trucks Australia, said that the new generation Quon will redefine how Australia perceives Japanese heavy-duty trucks in general and the Quon in particular.

“The new Quon is huge step for UD Trucks, but also for Japanese heavy-duty trucks in general. The world-class technology available in the new generation Quon range has never been seen before on Japanese trucks in Australia,” said Mark Strambi. “UD Trucks is the first Japanese truck manufacturer to offer PPNLT compliant heavy-duty vehicles to the Australia market. Additionally, the new Quon gives us access to models not previously offered in Australia which will significantly enhance our ability to offer our customers a comprehensive offering, backed up by the largest dealer network in Australia and New Zealand.”

Australian and New Zealand customers will get their first look at the new generation Quon at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show where UD Trucks Australia will announce further detail regarding the local range.

The new generation Quon features advances in five essential areas of performance:

Drivability (easier and smoother)

The cabin has been reengineered from the ground up, focusing on operability, visibility and ergonomics. The new generation Quon is equipped with the latest ESCOT transmission; ESCOT-VI – UD Trucks electronically controlled automated-manual transmission – that adopts a new, easy-to-use straight shift pattern. The ESCOT-VI transmission further advances the Quon’s unrivalled operability, also enhancing its ability to navigate challenging off-road conditions. All models feature disc brakes that provide a swift, smooth response and outstanding braking performance. Through these features, the all-new Quon provides a comfortable driving environment helping drivers concentrate on the road ahead.

Fuel efficiency (cleaner while more powerful)

The fuel-efficient, powerful and clean 11-litre GH11 engine complies with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations. It also delivers all-new levels of fuel efficiency, achieving at least 5% better fuel economy than the 2015 fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles in Japan. The engine generates powerful torque through a wide RPM range, making the Quon a pleasure to drive. To further support fuel-efficient driving, the Quon also features ‘Fuel Coach’, a system that displays driving advice to help drivers achieve further improvement in fuel economy.

Safety (safer and more reliable)

The all-new Quon features the ‘Traffic Eye Brake’ collision mitigation system, which uses both a high-precision radar and a cabin-mounted camera for dual-monitoring of the road ahead, as well as advanced driver assistance systems including ‘Driver Alert Support’. The new generation Quon is also fitted with disc brakes featuring excellent heat-release properties for superb anti-fade performance. In combination these advanced systems deliver enhancements across the three areas of basic safety, active safety, and passive safety.

Productivity (more loads and greater efficiency)

Every component has been refined to produce a vehicle with an overall lighter tare weight, which increases the all-new Quon’s payload. The Quon offers a highly productive range of vehicles optimised for our customers business needs.

Uptime (longer time on the road and more reliability)

The new Quon represents an upgrade in vehicle reliability and durability. It is easier to maintain, with a reduced number of parts requiring regular replacement and longer service intervals on genuine parts. Moreover, comprehensive UD Extra Mile Support — including UD Genuine Parts and Service, the ‘UD Trust’ service agreements, and UD Information Service utilising the latest in telematics — keeps customers’ vehicles in the best possible condition to maximise uptime.


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Tuesday, 11 April 2017