Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge

There’s a new type of hero on the road! The Volvo Driver’s Fuel Challenge is on again! On the 5th and 6th of Febuary, 24 skilled drivers took part in this global challenge at our Truck Centre Guildford branch and were put to the test to see who can get the most out of both his truck and every last drop of fuel. The competition is about driving as economically as possible on a specified route and the quickest time.

The prize? The best drivers from each country will travel to Volvo’s home in Gothenburg in October 2013 to compete for the world title and the honour of being best in class. The winner of the entire competition will be invited to bring along one additional person on a Volvo experience somewhere in the world worth $15,000!

The winner from WA will be announced shortly. Good luck to all of our participants!